Is that even a thing? It is now!

Sky Broadband is coming very soon.

We're building lightning fast broadband and we're pretty excited about it.

You may think broadband isn't that exciting - we do because we believe we can do it better. Why? We know technology, we know the speeds you need to stream on demand sports and entertainment, and we know how frustrating it can be when broadband doesn't work as it should.

So, we think you'll be excited too when Sky Broadband arrives - delivering super-fast reliable broadband, genuine responsive service, simple plans without confusing jargon, all at a great price.

Not long now.

Register your interest in Sky Broadband and we'll keep you updated and invite you to join when it's all up and running.

Check your address


By providing your street address we can let you know when Sky Broadband is available at your place.